The humiliation of girls is a subject that has always been of some interest to me and I thought I would share a few idle if somewhat perverse thoughts on this subject.


The Girl


Ideally the girl who is to be humiliated should be shy, easily embarrassed and of a modest disposition. She would probably have come from a sheltered background; I would imagine a girl fresh from an all girls’ convent school. Her appearance, she would be pretty in a sweet innocent fashion, revealing her gentle and potentially submissive nature. However, despite her look of innocence, her figure would be well formed, shapely but not fat, her breasts firm and pert with proud puffy nipples and her buttocks would be plump with cheeks protruding outwards, a bottom ideally proportioned for the punishments she will receive to insure her full cooperation.


Enforced Nudity


An important aspect to a girl’s humiliation would be enforced nudity and the exposing of her body. She would not be kept naked all of the time, for if used too often it may lose its embarrassing effect. The girl may be required to be completely naked or partially naked, say to be topless and show her breasts or to be nude from the waist down to show her bottom and her pussy, to ensure full exposure all traces of pubic hair would be removed so that she would be deprived of even that small covering. So that she wouldn’t be able to hide herself away she would be given jobs to do around the house in her naked state and should there be any callers it would be her job to answer to door.


Dress and Role Playing


A mode of dress may also be enforced to add to her humiliation, this may vary depending on your mood and taste.

Possibly something blatantly sexy, stockings that would go all the way up to the top her legs and held up with a basque, its cups would be cut low allowing her nipples to peak out over the top. No panties would be worn and the accompanying shoes would have incredibly high heals possibly with platform soles.

As she wouldn’t be used to such footwear she would probably have some difficulty walking and watching her tottering about would make an amusing spectacle. She would have to practice walking and training her in deportment would give ample opportunity for applying corporal punishment, maybe a thin whippy cane to her bare buttocks as she struggles to meet your exacting demands. Her posture training would involve her having to take up and exaggeratedly sexy gait with her head held high, shoulders pulled well back so that her breasts are pushed forward, her back arched with her buttocks thrust out and swinging her hips as she walks.

With the addition maid’s cap and apron this outfit could be transformed into a serviceable maid’s uniform. The apron would be small, just for show and short enough so to not to conceal her pussy. Dressed in this manner she could be made to act the part of waitress at a select diner party, the guests would be free to grope and play with her exposed parts as she served the food and drinks.

 An alternative, Childish Dress

 An alternative form of dress is to make use of childish attire, this is ideal for a girl who considers herself very grown up, a young woman in her late teens or early twenties. Although there are variations on this theme, the style of dress could be a frock with puffed sleeves in pastel colours and short enough to show frilly panties, ankle socks and flat healed shoes would be worn, finally to complete the picture her hair would be placed in pigtails and tied with ribbons.

This form of humiliation may be carried further with enforced role playing. For example she may only be allowed to talk in baby talk and to behave in a childish manner. She may be put in a playpen or be made to crawl around naked on all fours sucking on a pacifier. She would not be allowed to bath herself as this would be done for her. Potty training could also be part of her regular routine with repeated enemas used to ensure her full compliance. A few close friends may be invited to assist with her training.


Humiliation Before Witnesses


To add to a girl’s humiliation her punishments and training could take place when guests would be present, perhaps they would be there by invitation specifically to observe her shame.

I would imagine the possibly of a party with some like minded friends held as an introduction to her public humiliation. The girl would be made to appear before the guests fully clothed at first, she would then be made to undress in front of them. As being forced to strip naked is a significant part of a girl’s humiliation this should be drawn out so as to prolong her ordeal, her body may handled and discussed as she removes her clothing.

When finally naked she could be made to put on a show for the guests, possibly perform a sexy dance or exercises, having her jog on the spot her hands behind her and shoulders back so that her breasts will bounce or have her bend forwards and wiggle her bottom for them. She could be made to take up various embarrassing and lewd poses to fully show off her naked body and those present may be permitted to feel her as she does so, playing with her breasts her pussy and even probing up her anus.

She could also be required to give a display of masturbation, for this she would be made to sit on a high stool, ideally a bar stool with a backrest so she would face her audience who would be sat in close proximity, her pussy would be thrust forward and her thighs widely spread to show every detail of her hairless slit, she would then have to begin her act of masturbation by holding her lips apart with one hand while masturbating herself with the other. Alternatively she could be made to use a large dildo vibrator, one that resembles a real cock, so that the guests would be treated to the sight of her having to fuck herself with this implement. Before her display would be considered satisfactory she would be instructed that she must be seen to make herself come.

The guests would be encouraged to pass comments, make fun of her and to tease her throughout all of her performances. Corporal punishment would be used to suppress the slightest disinclination she may have at doing what she it told. Such punishment may also be employed simply for enjoyment of those present.

As her antics would have probably sexually aroused the guests to finish off the entertainment they would be allowed to seek relief by making full use of her body and she would be expected to cooperate fully no matter what is demanded of her.

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